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Fire up Australia! Brace yourself for the ultimate trans-pacific matefest hitting our golden shores this August and September: Dune Rats and FIDLAR are teaming up once again for a tour that promises to be nothing short of epic!

The Dune Rats / FIDLAR relationship has been a legendary touring brotherhood that has seen these two bands ping-pong across the globe side by side. They have spent the better part of a decade playing shows together, starting back when FIDLAR first ventured down under to join Dunies on a tour across Australia. After Dune Rats showed them our classic Southern hospitality consisting mainly of beer and BBQ’s, all the while throwing in a bit of surfing and a healthy amount of partying, FIDLAR was stoked to return the favour by bundling them into a van for a wild 3 month tour of the US of A – where they found themselves gigging through Gator Back scratchers in Florida to the bright lights of New York City and everywhere in between! The camaraderie only grew stronger when Zac from FIDLAR signed on to produce Dune Rats second album – “The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit” back in 2017, putting his magic touch on what have since become iconic Aussie classics such as “Bullshit” and “Scott Green”.

After playing the UK together last year, where the two bands would find themselves sitting backstage drinking warm ales and talking about their soon-to-be-released albums – Dune Rats’ “If It Sucks, Turn It Up” set for release on August 9 and FIDLAR’s “Surviving The Dream” out September 20, they realised they all very much wanted to keep the party rolling. And thankfully for Australian fans, out of those talks came this very tour. This time around the venues will be bigger, the crowds will be wilder and the vibes will no doubt be off the hook!

So grab yourself a ticket right now to guarantee yourself a piece of the mayhem!